Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome to the land of the coyotes

It happened... I don't know how... and why so fast but she is off to school! I feel robbed of her tiny little self. She has been looking forward to her first day since she graduated from Pre-K. We had a hard time explaining to her that she had a summer break and wouldn't start right away.
Now she is a South Mountain Coyote and a future Moriarty Pinto. So far she loves school, her friends and her after school teacher.

Little brother was excited to drop her off but a little confused why he didn't get to stay. He has adjusted to being with out his big sister. He is the big helper and assistant at his daycare, helping other kids learn the "ropes". I think we have all finally adjusted to another semester.
I am more than ready to graduate from school and leave it in the dust; although I'm tempted to pursue a masters.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Busy Busy Summer

 It has been a busy summer around our house. We have spent the summer having a blast in our "new" home. We've have almost been in the house for 1 year. The kids love helping with dinner and lunch. The best part of fresh fruits and vegetables is feeding the chickens.
 The kids love hanging out with the goats. They are huge helpers when we need to feed the animals. Who needs to open the gate when you can climb on it?!

 Our chickens love the water. They crack us up when it rains because they play in it. They love to cool off in the water wells for the trees. Some of the chickens keep getting on our porch and stare at us through the window. They sure do love attention!

We have had a few critters visit us this summer. We've had a couple gardner snakes and a few bullsnakes. One bull snake ate our eggs :/ The lizard was a lot of fun for the kids and they enjoyed holding them. Max is all little boy and more than curious and excited for snakes and bugs.

I'm sad to see summer leave but excited for the bugs to go away! Our baby girl is starting school and growing up so quickly!

Monday, August 5, 2013

So I am a little late on this..... but Larry graduated from UNM this past May! We are very proud of him and excited for the next move we make. Larry graduated with honors from the College of Education with a degree in nutrition and dietetics. I have to say, it is very nice to have a nutritionist in the house! I've learned to bake, cook and grill all my favorite foods in healthier ways. I never thought I'd learn how to make healthy brownies or no-bake cookies.
The kids were very excited and proud of their dad and even more excited that he wouldn't be spending his nights studying or cramming for a test.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Christmas Letter

As we approach another year’s end we’d like to reflect back on all that has happened in the year 2012. The kids are growing like little weeds and are constantly learning new things (also teaching mom and dad a thing or two). We started our year off keeping busy with work and school. Nina finished her associate degree at Central New Mexico Community College in May. She is studying at the University of New Mexico and will be graduating in the fall of 2013. Larry is still working hard in the nutrition program and will be graduating spring of 2013. He is involved in the nutrition club and in KONU (an honors society for the College of Education). Larry is still working hard for Dr. Billards and goes all over the state to work on pool tables. We bought a Harley Davidson Street Bob in April and went to new towns all over New Mexico and participated in a poker run. Everyone has really enjoyed getting out and traveling. We bought a new house in Edgewood, which is on 2.5 acres and we all love our country life!
Lana and Maximus are busy kids spending most of their time outside. They go on many adventures hunting “bears” and looking for treasure. Lana started the UNM Children’s Campus Pre-K program in September. She really loves her class and all the activities she has been able to participate in. Lana has gone on field trips to McCall’s pumpkin patch and to Popejoy to see Clifford live. Maximus loves riding his sister’s Power Wheels Quad all over the house doing tricks. Any chance he gets he climbs on his dad’s bike and pretends to drive. Maximus has really enjoyed being the “chicken man” and both kids love helping dad outside and stacking wood. Lana has been praying we will get a horse to add to our 6 hens and a rooster named Randy along with two goats named Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough. Xena, Belle and Opie love having a ton of room to play and really enjoy chasing rabbits.

Love Larry, Nina, Lana. Maximus and all our critters